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Dijon (France)

13 May 15:30
17 May 17:00 2019

9th International Conference on Legume Genetics and Genomics (ICLGG)

The 9th International Conference on Legume Genetics and Genomics (ICLGG) will be hosted on May 13th-17th, 2019 in Dijon. Registration is now open.

Updated on 07/27/2018
Published on 07/04/2018

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This 9th edition of the biennial ICLGG conference will continue to promote the international dissemination and discussion of legume sciences with the aim of helping the scientific community, breeders and industry stakeholders to contribute relevant answers to challenges of environmental sustainability and security for the agrifood sector.


– Genomes

– Functional genomics

– Seed biology and quality

– Legume diversity

– Plant development and signalling

– Genomics for agroecological services

– Symbioses

– Abiotic stress resistance

– Genome enabled breeding

– Biotic stress resistance

The organisers of ICLGG 2019 are offering participants the chance to discover experimental platforms and associated field trials with two optional field visits, free for all registered attendees.

Full program: https://iclgg2019.com/full-program/

Registration: https://iclgg2019.com/register-now/

Abstract submission: https://iclgg2019.com/call-for-abstracts/

Speakers: https://iclgg2019.com/speakers/

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